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The Fandom High Times, Volume 5, Fifteenth Edition

Editor's Letter:
Dear Reader,

All year, I have been looking forward to graduation and the end of my days in Fandom. But now, I'm wondering just how much I missed out on. If you had told me back in the fall that I'd get seriously involved with one of my closest friends, I wouldn't have believed it. But now that graduation is looming and we're about to go our separate ways, I can only wonder how much I missed out on.

In short, readers, make sure you make the most of your time here, no matter how short that time is!
-- Hoshi Sato

Headline News

A Different Kind of Fandom Invasion
by: Ellie Bartowski

You may have noticed that we had a few visitors last weekend. (Ed. note: Yeah, they weren't that hard to miss!) Tiny children from all over, alternate universes and different time lines, invaded Fandom Island, leaving many of their parents boggling. Students, teachers, and town residents alike had to deal with the wee ones.

For those who have been through this before, it was almost expected or perhaps they were in denial. What is undeniable, it seems, is that once prom arrives, small children will follow. For those of us who have never been through anything like this before, it was definitely a shock to wake up Saturday morning to discover our offspring waiting for us. It was even more shocking to learn many of these children had very unexpected parentage. No doubt many of us claimed "never in a million years."

Still, for me at least, it was nice to get to know them and to see just how different the paths other versions of me could have taken. Though it was sad to say goodbye to them, it was still a relief. For the record, I am certain mine will never exist for me, but I can still hope they might return for another visit someday. But just a visit. I'd like to give them back.

Cooking Made Easy

Cooking Made Easy
by: Hoshi Sato

Whether or not you like hard-boiled eggs, sometimes you just have trouble cooking them. Over-cooked eggs have rubbery yolks, and under-cooked ones are just slimy. Plus, half the time, the eggs crack and start to leak egg white while being cooked.

But if you do need hard-cooked eggs, I've found a way to cook them perfectly! Start out with eggs at room temperature, if possible, because you don't want to shock them with rapid temperature changes. Put them in a pot with water at room temperature and a splash of vinegar, which will prevent them from cracking. Turn the heat up and bring the water to a full boil. Once the water is boiling, turn off the heat and cover the pot for 10 minutes. Once your 10 minutes are up, add a bowl of ice to the water on the saucepan to stop the cooking process. If all goes well, you will be left with perfectly cooked eggs.

Have fun with your culinary creations!

Coffee Pin-Up

Cute Kitten Picture

editors: Joan Girardi, Hoshi Sato
words: Ellie Bartowski, Hoshi Sato
pictures: The fabulous Chloe Sullivan, the amazing Rory Gilmore, the marvelous Peter Parker, the effervescent Rikku, the middling Cal Stephanides, the talented Joan Girardi, and the effusive Hoshi Sato
adviser: Ghanima Atreides
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