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The Fandom High Times, Volume Five, Eleventh Edition

Editor's Letter:
Dear Reader,

Sometimes you just need to take a break. Sadly, we were halfway through Spring Break before I realized that. That just meant I had to make the most of the second half of that week.

But more importantly, I am reminded that for those of us who are graduating, it's important to enjoy all that Fandom has to give us. Yes, we're used to grumbling about gremlins or random animal transformations, but these are experiences we'll remember for the rest of our lives. Some may be in a hurry to get out of high school and get back to their own world, but I think those people will miss the teal deer one day.

So remember to enjoy every moment!
-- Hoshi Sato

Headline News

Faculty Spotlight

Cindy Perrault, Monomyth Professor
by: Joan Girardi

If you're one of the many students who comes from a world without magic or the supernatural, you have good company in Cindy Perrault, one of the newest teachers in Fandom High. Ms. Perrault is from a completely mundane New York City, where she previously worked as a teacher and sold fabulous shoes.

She appreciates all of the people in Fandom, too. "This place is crazy--or maybe just making me crazy--but that there are so many people here from different worlds and dimensions and makes me less homesick, actually," she said. "You get used to the diverse hustle of the city, with people from different countries and walks of life rubbing elbows and here, it's like a larger-scale version of that, except on a much smaller island."

Despite Fandom's diversity, she could do without a few aspects of Fandom life. "The gremlins were a bit of excitement I could have done without," she said. "And the vanilla rain was hell on my jogging gear."

Ms. Perrault is hoping to stay in Fandom and teach again this summer, despite all the oddities she's faced here. She believes if Fandom turned her into an animal it would be a koala because "they're cute and furry and yet everyone known better than to mess with them."

Business Spotlight

The Gig, A Happy Home For Horses
by: Ellie Bartowski

Meet Bold, Duke, Kally, and Smudge. No, they aren't new students with superhero aliases. They are the horses who currently reside at The Gig. A great deal of responsibility, patience, and devotion goes into the care and maintenance of these gentle creatures. The staff must make sure they are fed, groomed, and get their daily exercise in the paddock, sometimes even in bad weather. They enjoy being outdoors after all.

The Gig has even momentarily taken in displaced animals from a mainland farm which sustained damage after the recent snowstorms. While they wait for their home to be repaired, chickens, cows, and even a llama roam the stable grounds. When asked why she took them in, owner Dani Davis replies, "Because I care about poor, defenseless animals."

Though she quickly points out that it is still, first and foremost, a horse stable. Conveniently located at 85 Galactica Drive, it is easy for anyone to visit. The Gig even offers riding lessons. Unless the horses are being stubborn.

"They're really good listeners," says employee Kris Furillo as she watches them exercise.

As if on cue, Kally sticks her head over the paddock fence, perhaps listening to what the humans have to say.

Cooking Made Easy

Cooking Made Easy
by: Hoshio Sato

The grilled cheese sandwich is probably the easiest thing a beginning cook can make. In fact, you don't even have to be that talented in the kitchen to make one. That doesn't mean it has to be boring. Personally, I like my grilled cheese with bacon, tomato, and avocado slices. Or you can try out different varieties of bread and cheese. There's more than just white bread and American cheese.

And grilled cheese sandwiches really go best with tomato soup. Again, you're not limited to the ones that come in a can. One of my favorite varieties uses oven-roasted tomatoes and basil.

You'll notice that this time around, I'm not giving you and recipes. That's because I would rather that you experiment yourself to see what you can come up with. I'd love to hear what different variations you create!


by: Anonymous

Aries: With Venus in your sign right now, love is in the air. Be careful to examine your options instead of blindly following your heart. This is not a good time for a quickie marriage.

Taurus: The time is right to make a bold move. Don't ask me what it is. You know that already.

Gemini: Let your creativity take hold. Just make sure your creativity can pay the bills. There's no need to be a starving artist.

Cancer: Pluto is going to push you to make some radical changes. Just be careful to use your intelligence when making decisions. Pluto will not catch you if you jump off a cliff.

Leo: Mars gives you a surge of energy, so now is the time to get started on that spring cleaning, or else you'll never be able to find your warm weather clothes in the junk pile.

Virgo: This is a good time to do some networking and filling up your Rolodex because you're getting fired next month.

Libra: Use your natural charm to make a provocative first impression. It could lead to a new relationship, or at least a date for the prom.

Scorpio: You've been feeling stagnant with Mars in retrograde. That's all about to end. Hey, maybe you can join Leo in that spring cleaning!

Sagittaurius: Mercury will allow you to see things with clarity. Now is the time to speak your mind, but be sure to do that before the middle of the month, when Uranus makes you talk out of your ass.

Capricorn: You've been feeling trapped between two unmoving forces, but that is about to change. Just be careful that your surge forward doesn't take you into the path of a gremlin.

Aquarius: Stay realistic about the options ahead of you. It's not a bad idea to get a second opinion from someone, as long that someone isn't Deadpool

Pisces: Jupiter is keeping your spirits up, but just be careful what you wish for. Also, stay away from the man on a horse.

Coffee Pin-Up

Cute Kitten Picture
Cute Kitten


editors: Joan Girardi, Hoshi Sato
words: Ellie Bartowski, Joan Girardi, Hoshi Sato
pictures: The fabulous Chloe Sullivan, the amazing Rory Gilmore, the marvelous Peter Parker, the effervescent Rikku, the middling Cal Stephanides, the talented Joan Girardi, and the effusive Hoshi Sato
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