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Newspaper meeting, Tuesday after classes, Journalism Room [2/1]

Today, there were two people in front of the club instead of just the one from last week. Which was probably for the best if they wanted any actual talking.

But luckily there was no attempt at coffee on Blackagar’s part. He merely brought himself!

Tomorrow is something called Groundhog’s day, he wrote on the board. We believe this to be worthy of news. Or something. He wasn’t sure what it was, okay?

Cally, on the other hand, did bring coffee. If by coffee you meant twice as many peppermint mochas from the Perk as there were newspaper staff members. She may have felt a little guilty for missing the first meeting.

“I’m Cally, for those of you I didn’t meet at the club fair; I apologise for my absence last week. To make up for that, I’m bribing you to like me with coffee.” Not really, but a little humour never hurt when you were trying to cover up the fact that you had no idea what you were doing. “Also with information on these groundhogs we’re supposed to be celebrating this week: apparently they’re an Earth mammal with weather-controlling properties?” She shrugged and looked a bit helplessly at Blackagar. He was, after all, the native of the two of them. Being from Germany and all.

Blackagar stared at her for a moment. We have no Groundhog related superstitions where I am from, he wrote. Because that would be silly.

Or possibly ‘helpful.’ Cally forced a non-panicked smile and turned back to the staff. “Well, Blackagar and I will be looking into that this week, then. You’re welcome to explore the subject of upcoming holidays, weather, or mammals with interesting powers from your own angles as well, but don’t feel constrained by that if you have other ideas!”

Please, please, have other ideas.

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